Dovetail Concepts, Inc.
Who We Are
We are an innovative research and development company that specializes in creating and implementing reliable, cost-effective solutions to difficult problems. We are dedicated to the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. We are ready to apply our experience and knowledge to help small and large businesses achieve success through technology.
What We Do
Strategic Technology Consulting
Business Process Development, Optimization and Automation
Technology Evaluation and Planning
Software Design and Development
Custom Software
Website Development
Data Management
Enterprise Systems
Scientific Software and Algorithm Development
Statistical Analysis and Data Modeling
Signal Processing, Machine Vision and Medical Image Processing
System Integration
COTS Software and Hardware Integration
Data Transformation
Project Rescue
Rapid Project Wrap-Up and Completion
Code and Data Salvage
Project Evaluation, Overhaul and Fine-Tuning
Contact Info
Phone: 856-986-7373
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